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Wiltan single and three-phase strip wound distribution transformer cores are operating in many thousands of transformers both in the UK and overseas. 


Cores are usually wound in grain orientated silicon steel (other materials are available by request) and offer the following advantages when compared with stack laminated cores:


  1. Reduction in iron losses – lower stand-by losses.

  2. Reduced assembly time.

  3. Ease of storage and handling.



No standard range of design exists owing to the diversity of design requirements but Wiltan produce common core limb sections suitable for use with Bobbins ranging from 2.5/8” to 7.1” inside diameter. These sections can be produced with any desired window so that great flexibility in design is possible and advantage should be taken of these standard sections whenever practicable because tooling already exists and shorter delivery times can therefore be offered.

Cross Section

Distribution transformer cores can be produced with cruciform, half-cruciform and rectangular cross sections.

Cores of this type can be produced in the cut or uncut form, single or three-phase, up to one tonne.

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