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UNICOR~2 (2)


A Revolution in Transformer Design and Manufacture

Unicore is a range of core styles which are supplied fully shaped, but not bonded, traditionally cut or ground.

Unicore can be manufactured from various magnetic materials, with near full retention of the materials magnetic properties, but GOSS is generally the preferred material – grade and gauge chosen to meet the customer’s particular specification.

The finished core is supplied ready to be inserted into the customer’s winding, or wound upon, depending on the core type.

Wiltan offer a complete bespoke service, including full technical assistance at the design and assembly stage, if required, so that the customer gets the core best suited for their particular magnetic specification and assembly criteria – whether the requirement is for small CT core weighing a fraction of a Kgm or a three phase distribution core weighing a few tonne.


Some Products Available (not exclusive)

• DUO Cores
• Single Phase
• Three Phase
• Distributed Gap Cores
• Cruciform
• Stepbutt
• Butt 2 Core
• Butt 3 Core
• Gapped Core
• Uncut Core
• Dee Core
• Octagonal Core (Toroid approximation)
• Straight Laminations



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