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Torodial Epoxy,Capped,Poly
Torodial group


Wiltan specialises in the manufacture and supply of all types of wound cores in cold rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel, Nickel-iron and Cobalt-iron (amorphous). We are able to manufacture and supply a comprehensive selection of core shapes and sizes, both cut and uncut to British, American and Continental specifications as well as custom designed or customer specified designs.

Grain Oriented Silicon Steel (GOSS / CRGO) is a 3% silicon iron, cold reduced to develop a high degree of grain orientation which gives numerous advantages when compared with laminated cores:

  1. Up to 30% more flux for the same magnetising force.

  2. Increased rating for a given size of transformer.

  3. Better regulation.

  4. Reduction in size and weight.

  5. Reduced assembly time, storage and handling costs.

Normally, Wiltan silicon-steel cores are produced in three material thicknesses – 0.3mm for frequencies up to 200Hz, 0.1mm for frequencies between 200Hz and 2kHz; and 0.05mm for higher frequencies and pulse applications. However, these are only standard thicknesses; the table below shows all the available grades and corresponding gauges:

Nickel-iron (including Mu-Metal and Permalloy) is a lower loss, higher permeability material when compared to silicon steel. Nickel-iron is preferred at higher frequencies or for high-fidelity applications up to 10kHz and is available in thicknesses of 0.2mm, 0.1mm and 0.05mm.

Cobalt-iron (amorphous) material provides the highest permeability and lowest core loss. Cobalt-iron is recommended for high frequency (up to 1MHz), low power applications such as high fidelity audio or communications. Wiltan are manufacturers and suppliers of Logicor amorphous cores; more information is available in the Logicor Amorphous Cores section.

Non Grain Oriented Silicon Steel (NGOSS / CRNGO) is also available in a variety of formats. Please contact us for more information.

All our cores are suitable for various electronic and measuring applications and our technical staff will be happy to provide solutions to any enquiry.

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