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The discovery of nanocrystalline soft-magnetic materials was announced in the late 1980s, since when considerable interest has been evident. The properties of nanocrystalline alloys present a unique combination of low core losses and high permeability achieved by NiFe alloys and cobalt based amorphous alloys (such as used in Wiltan’s ‘Logicor’ range of toroids), but with a saturation induction much higher than either of these materials can offer.

The increasing requirement for high accuracy CT’s, at an affordable price, has resulted in an increased demand for nanocrystalline as an alternative to 80% NiFe. In many cases it is required , not just as an alternative to NiFe but as a preference due to improved performance. 

Nanocrystalline cores offer better performance than NiFe cores, both in permeability throughout the B/H curve and also higher saturation induction. With respect to silicon iron the saturation induction is lower but due to the chemistry and thickness, of the strip, the power loss is also much lower. 

Composite cores of nanocrystalline and standard silicon steel can be produced combining very good low signal performance with wide dynamic range. 

We can also produce custom shaped cores to the customer’s requirements – oval, stadium, rectangular and ‘D’ – shaped etc. Each shape and size can be designed specifically in collaboration with our technical department to satisfy customer individual needs. 

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