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C Core 1 (14)
C Core 1 (11)
C Core 1 (23)
C Core 1 (13)
C Core 1 (12)


Stadium and rectangular Cores can be produced to specific customer requirements in a wide range of strip widths and gauges, from either Grain Orientated Silicon Steel (G.O.S.S) or Nickel Iron. Cores may be supplied either cut or uncut and with the following finishes:

  • Natural (dry)

  • Edge bonded, for protection from mechanical stresses.

  • Fully vacuum impregnated, for greater protection from mechanical stress.

  • Polypropylene covered, for electrical insulation.

  • End capped, for greater electrical insulation.

  • Epoxy coated, for electrical and heat insulation.

  • Painted, for added corrosion protection and cosmetic purposes.

Both stadium and rectangular cores share electrical properties with toroidals but provide a solution to the mechanical constraints met by certain design applications. 

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