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Wiltan Assurance of Quality

Wiltan’s quality assurance system monitors each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that customer requirements and/or international standards are met; and emphasis is given to both design and inspection. The inspection system in use at Wiltan follows Ministry of Defense guidelines and is continually evaluated and updated in line with the requirements of the industry.

The principals upon which the inspection system is based are outlined below:


  1. Selection of magnetic steels by electrical and mechanical qualities to ensure suitability for the particular strip wound core to be manufactured.

  2. Electrical test and check for correct dimensions following the heat treatment cycle to ensure that the cores have been wound correctly and that the heat treatment conditions have been satisfactory.

  3. It is normal practice to inspect cores on a 100% basis after final processing. This ensures that the dimensions are correct and the electrical specification limits have been adhered to.

  4. The Inspection Department organisation monitors the despatch packing methods to ensure that the product arrives at the user in good condition.


The Inspection Department contains a wide range of standard and specialist equipment dedicated to the testing of all manufactured products from 50Hz – 20kHz and at flux densities ranging from 0.1T to 2T.

All cores produced by Wiltan Ltd meet IEC404, EN10107 / EN10106 and BS 6404 standards.


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