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Principally, a magnetic shield requires a ferromagnetic material with a good low field permeability, low coercive field strength and of an appropriate thickness. MagnaShield is made from 1mm thick electrical steel specially selected for its permeability and coercive field properties.

Our MagnaShield is supplied in panels, up to 1 meter square, and 1,2,3 or 4 ply thick to meet the customers shielding requirements.

Wiltan are apply to advise the customer on shielding requirements and are able to assist in before and after field surveys.

Panels of 2 ply and above are supplied with a 20mm overlap to ensure continuous integrity across the panel joints.

The product is especially suitable for the cladding of rooms or large enclosures where it may be specified to shield sensitive equipment against electromagnetic interference from outside sources such as EMF Hospitals.

The two most frequent uses of MagnaShield are:


Electromagnetic Shielding for EMF Hospitals / Clinic Applications

MagnaShield is suitable for use in high or low frequency electromagnetic field areas. It is particularly suitable for use with MRI scanners: open field, high field and very high field scanners. The use of Imaging Technology for medical diagnosis and treatment is increasing and includes technologies such as:

• X-Rays
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
• Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
• Gamma Knife Technology


Electromagnetic Shielding for High Voltage Applications

With the increasing utilisation of imaging technologies, the protection of staff who are regularly exposed to magnetic radiation is critical.

Electromagnetic shielding for high voltage applications The demands for power are increasing daily across the world. This power must be transmitted at high voltage causing electromagnetic interferece (EMI) such as ‘jitters’ on PC monitors.

MagnaShield is particularly sensitive at common power transmission frequencies of 50/60 Hz and provides continuous protection from EMI, even at the joints. This is due to the distinctive way in which the panels are manufactured.

The fixing method is simple and does not require any specialised skills MagnaShield can totally enclose the source of EMI in sub-stations and transformer buildings because the panels can be preformed, by Wiltan if required, so that the floor, ceiling and walls are completely shielded, if necessary.

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