As an extension to our already comprehensive range of magnetic cores, we are able to produce and supply cut laminations for plated core transformers. Both grain orientated and non-grain orientated materials can be used and gauges from 0.1mm to 0.5mm are available as standard.

Core laminations are available for interleaved and block stack & glue applications. Laminations can be supplied in either 90° (square edge) or 45° (mitred edge) with or without punched holes and V-notches.

Special requirements can be accommodated dependant on discussions with the customer.

Size range:
Width 25mm to 400mm
Length 25mm to 3500mm

Cores can be supplied as loose stacks, or pre-assembled. Punching is also available by request.

For more information on cut core laminations, please download the product information PDF on the left.