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1. Winding

All cores are wound using specially designed machines which enable the manufacture of both standard and non-standard designs in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Cores are wound using automatic, semi-automatic or manual winding machines. Our highly skilled workforce and modern machinery ensure that design specifications and tolerances meet the evolving needs of the modern transformer and related industries.

2. Annealing

The cores are annealed at carefully controlled temperatures to relieve any possible stresses which may have been introduced during the winding process. Heat treatment is carried out in either batch or continuous furnaces.

3. Quality Inspection

All cores receive an intermediate physical and electrical quality inspection to ensure that the cores have been fully treated during the annealing process.

4. Impregnation and Cutting

All cut cores are fully impregnated with epoxy adhesive and cut to size. This process keeps the core windings intact during the cutting process. Cut cores can be supplied with either Stainless Steel or mild steel bands made specifically for each core or to the customers requirements.

5. Lapping & Polishing

We are able to produce optically flat surfaces with a high precision finish and improving performance.

Fully controllable dispensing system accurately dispenses diamond abrasive onto the lapping plate.

6. Finishing

Uncut circular or rectangular cores may be supplied in a number of finishes: 

  • Natural (dry)

  • Edge bonded, for protection from mechanical stresses.

  • Fully vacuum impregnated, for greater protection from mechanical stress.

  • Polypropylene covered, for electrical insulation.

  • End capped, for greater electrical insulation.

  • Epoxy coated, for electrical and heat insulation.

  • Painted, for added corrosion protection and cosmetic purposes.

7. Final Inspection and Quality Check

All cores receive a final physical and electrical inspection following both customer and our own quality specifications. For more information on our quality control procedures please see the Quality Assurance section of the website.

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